120mm Squat Plant Pot - flowers, herbs, rockery, succulent

(Diam-120mm x Height-91mm)

Approx. Vol. 720 ml

Thermoformed high quality Plastic
European made high quality Thermoformed pots These 120mm Squat Pots look fantastic. Ideal for growing potted colour flowers, succulents, African Violets, etc.


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120mm SQUAT Teku Plant Pot T/Cotta


The ideal way to grow your plants in these great looking Plastic Grow Pots. They have Lots of bottom drainage and feature the Euro style base with a raised cross for good air-flow past the roots. Plant your Rockery or other Garden Plants in these pots used by wholesale and retail plant nurseries all over the country.

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*Note: If there are plants pictured in the listing, be advised that the pictures are to illustrate the use of the product. No plants are included in this sale.

120mm SQUAT Teku Plant Pot - for more info go to nurseryandgardensupplies.com.au