A Strong, Robust Hanging Basket with water saving properties

(Outside Diam-205mm x Height-128mm)

Approx. Vol. 2.4 lt

Featuring the tall, strong 430mm hangers, these hanging baskets are modern and durable.


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200mm Hanging Baskets Saucerless Green


Featuring this the extra strong 430mm Heavy Duty hanger, you will love the elegant look of this Hanging basket combination.


Design and measurements;

Our 200mm Hanging Baskets Saucerless Green has the following exact measurements;


Across the Top – Outside to outside – 205mm, Inside to inside – 187mm.

Height – 128mm.

Bottom measurement across the base – 115mm.


Total Hanger Height – 430mm.

Hanging Hook width – 53mm


Manufactured using virgin & recycled plastic

The 200mm Hanging Baskets Saucerless Green is made from recycled and virgin material which gives it the perfect balance. They are made to be strong and long lasting but also it means that you are doing your bit to look after the environment.

Our pots no longer need to be put into land fill, they are 100% RECYCLABLE to be converted back into useable products countless times over.


Water-Well Base

The water-saving design features a raised open hole. Nurserymen have found this does not cause the mix to escape through that hole (except for sand or fine peat).

200mm Saucerless Hanging basket Green - for more info go to nurseryandgardensupplies.com.au

200mm Saucerless Hanging basket Green

The ideal way to grow your hanging plants in these great looking Pot/hanger combinations. They feature the saucerless design which has a raised single hole in the bottom which results in a water holding reservoir. Plant your trailing or hanging garden plants in these pots used by wholesale and retail plant nurseries all over the country.

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Quality Hanger Clips

The Universal style clips that are on the bottom of each leg are designed to fit most pots and baskets. They are easy to apply and hang on really well!

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Hanging Basket Category - Nursery and Garden Supplies - for more info go to nurseryandgardensupplies.com.au
Hanging Basket Category – Nursery and Garden Supplies



*Note: If there are plants pictured in the listing, be advised that the pictures are to illustrate the use of the product. No plants are included in this sale.

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