Do you want to save money and save the environment - all while making high quality compost?

The answer is right here with this high quality Compost Bin

Household Composter Garantia Eco-Master Compost Bin

Length 600mm, width 600mm, height 900mm
The 300 litre Household Composter Garantia Eco-Master Compost Bin features a one-piece feed opening, a lid with wind protection. It also makes the convenient withdrawal of compost possible thanks to a big flap with handle. It has ideal ventilation and requires little space.


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300 litre Household Composter Garantia Eco-Master Compost Bin


German precision and Engineering, Simple and affordable!

Manufactured in Germany


100% recycled plastic and fully recyclable

This superb Garantia composting bin is made from 100% weather resistant recycled plastic as well as being fully recyclable.

Make your own great plant fertiliser

Transform your own kitchen and garden waste into useful compost to be used as a garden fertiliser. You can save money while you are improving the long-term fertility of the soil. Garden cuttings as well as fruit and vegetable leftovers from the kitchen will no longer be considered waste for rubbish bins, but valuable materials. By composting them, you can recycle them for use on your garden.

Even if you don’t have a garden, you can still compost your kitchen waste.

Helps to protect the environment

By composting waste, you are actively helping to protect the environment. Composting reduces general waste by up to 30%, which helps to protect the environment and the changing climate.

What sized composter do I need?

300 litre compost bins are ideal for a 2 person household, while the 450 litre compost bin is more suited to a family sized household.

No Tools Needed for Easy Assembly

The Eco-Master can be setup and put together without the need to use any tools. See diagrams below;

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Household Composter Garantia Eco-Master Composting Bin

Compost Bin Eco-Master - For more details go to

Length 600mm, width 600mm, height 900mm.

Weight; approx 6 kg




What are the right ingredients to make a good compost

To make a quality compost you need to use things like eggshells (crushed), pot plants, fruit and vegetable waste, tea leaves, coffee grounds, cut flowers, recycled potting dirt, lawn cuttings and leaves.

You may see best results you can mix wet materials with dry ones. Adequate aeration is important to making a good compost. Ensure that the compost is kept damp. You should aim to keep the compost from drying out too much or from staying too wet.

What not to put in the compost:

Don’t add bread, meat, fish, leftover food, bones, sausage, general litter, cheese rind, diseased plants, coal or charcoal ash, medicines, vacuum bags, cigarettes, and nutshells.

Can I compost in the winter too?

The contents of the compost bin will break down slower during the cold winter months, but you can still successfully compost in the cold winters too. You will get the best results by collecting the dry leaves and shredded garden waste in the autumn, and adding them along with your kitchen waste during winter.



What is the right way to compost?

Your composter isn’t a rubbish heap you can throw anything onto without consideration. If it is to fulfil its function, you must selectively add raw materials. The more you mix the contents of the composter, the easier and better it rots. You shouldn’t fill the composter too quickly. Instead, fill it bit by bit – slowly with organic waste produced on a daily basis. Wet materials should be mixed with dry ones and coarse materials with fine ones. Kitchen waste has a high water content. Ensure good aeration – a sufficient supply of oxygen is very important.

Filling my composter for the first time

When you are initially beginning to fill your compost bin, use a bulky structured material, like broken twigs, to form the bottom layer. This makes it easier for air to enter the compost from below and excess water can drain off better. If you have any active compost, this can be added to the bottom layer. Ensure as good a mix of garden and kitchen waste as possible in the layers that follow.

Where should I put my composter?

When you are choosing a spot, it is a good idea to put your composter in a place with easy access from the house and garden. Think of your neighbours and give them a little space if you can. Make sure your composter is in direct contact with the ground. This allows microorganisms to access your composter. Fitting a floor / grating accessory on the base of your composter will help to protect against rodents. Loosen compressed ground before installing. Concrete, stone and asphalt bases are not suitable under your composter.

The contents will rot fairly quickly if you install the composter in the sun or semi-shade. The Household Composter Garantia Eco-Master Compost Bin needs the heat of the sun to evaporate water from its contents, but don’t let it dry out completely. It should be installed in a position protected from the worst of the wind but not without any wind — air movement is important for the supply of fresh air.

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