Great Aussie made Plant pots, superior quality!

Measurements; Diameter-300mm x Height-270mm

Approx. Volume 14 litre

Manufactured using good quality plastic, the 300mm Plant Pot (12") Standard are made in Australia for our harsh conditions. They are made with UV protector and have a nice glossy finish making your plants look great.


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300mm Plant Pot


The ideal way to grow your plants in these great looking Plastic Grow Pots. 

Plant your Palms, Shrubs, Rockery, Roses, Trees and other Garden Plants in these pots used by wholesale and retail plant nurseries all over the country.


Top outside diameter – 312mm, top inside diameter – 284mm

Height – 270mm, Base measures 235mm across.

Approx. Volume 14 litre

Drainage Holes;

The drainage holes in the bottom are located around the join of the pot side to the pot base. They are approximately 20mm x 20mm. There are 6 drainage holes in this 30cm pot.

You should start to see healthy root tips appear at the drainage holes. Once the pot is home to good healthy roots throughout the potting media, it is time to pot the plant up to the next size pot.

Our 300mm Plant Pot 12″ is made right here in Australia, by one of our country’s largest pot manufacturers.

For over 35 years, most of the black plastic containers that they manufacture have been made using recycled plastic – which means that pots do not need to go into land fill, they are 100% RECYCLABLE.

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300mm Plant Pot

*Note: If there are plants pictured in the listing, be advised that the pictures are to illustrate the use of the product. No plants are included in this sale, only 20cm pots.


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