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Industrial cleaning applications, Solvent and acid applications, Metal fabrication and surface coating, Food Processing, Petrochemical uses.


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33cm Nitrile Chemical Garden Spray Glove


100% Nitrile

To give maximum chemical and abrasion resistance, these gloves have been manufactured from 100% Nitrile.


33cm Length

The 33cm Nitrile Chemical Garden Spray Glove has textured palms giving extra grip when you need it most.


Oil & Grease resistance

These gloves are made to give good resistance against oils, grease, chlorinated or aromatic solvents and Hydrocarbon derivatives.


Hygienically packed

Each pair of 33cm Nitrile Chemical Garden Spray Glove has been individually packed to ensure a hygienically sound product.


Flocked Linings

Let’s face it, anything we can do that improves your comfort levels is good right? These gloves have been made using a flocked lining which gives you just that – more comfort!


AS/NZS Glove Standards

CE/EN388 rating; Protection against mechanical hazards.


RATING for 33cm Nitrile Chemical Garden Spray Glove is



EN388 rating explained….

The rating consists of 4 numbers and applies to all types of gloves worn for protection. The 4 areas tested and rated are 1. Abrasion Resistance, 2. Blade Cut Resistance, 3. Tear Resistance & 4. Puncture Resistance. The rating is given by an independant office based on Lab testing results. They do not replace the actual testing of the product in the field – and in real conditions. The rating does however allow you to compare gloves against each other in these 4 areas.


The Weeding Potting Black Hi Grip Gardening Glove Anti-Bac is rated as follows;

1. Abrasion Resistance (0-4) -Level 3; which is a Very Good result,

2. Blade Cut Resistance (0-5) – Level 1; which is the Minimum result,

3. Tear Resistance (0-4) – Level 0; which is no result,

4. Puncture Resistance (0-4) -Level 2; which is a Good result.


CE/EN374-3 rating; Protection against Chemical Risk.


RATING for 33cm Nitrile Chemical Garden Spray Glove is


EN374-3 rating explained….

Under the older style EN374-3 rating, this glove has been tested to guard against penetration of at least 3 chemicals on the test list for a minimum of 30 minutes. They are currently waiting for testing under the new rating system which provides more detail.


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