These general purpose glove liners can also be used by themselves in many situations


Comfortable fit

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Knitted seamless cotton/polyester blend, Mens & Ladies sizing, Ambidextrous and reversible GLOVE LINERS.


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Bleached Knitted Polyester Cotton Gardening Glove Liner

Knitted seamless cotton/polyester blend

Also with an elastic wrist for firm and comfortable fit, these liner gloves are made from 550-g bleached Cotton. They are a Knitted seamless cotton/polyester blend.


Available in Mens & Ladies sizing

The Bleached Knitted Polyester Cotton Gardening Glove comes in 2 general sizes. We call the Large size Mens, and the Small size Ladies for ease of identification. However, if you are a male with smaller hands then you should order the ladies ones. Conversely if you are a lady with large hands then you could order the Mens size. There are no rules, just guidelines! The Mens size has a white stitch line on the sleeve, the ladies has a yellow stitch.


Ambidextrous and reversible

Switch hands no problems – you don’t even have to work out which one goes where. There is no left and right hand, just put them on!


Prevents fingerprints from marking surfaces

You can use these gloves to handle items that you would like to keep clean from sweat, grease or fingerprint marking.


Uses in the garden / nursery / farm;

The bleached Knitted Polyester Cotton Gardening Glove Liner could be used…

  • As a liner inside other gloves
  • Fruit picking – orchard, grove or nuts
  • Food handling in a farm situation
  • Sun protection for the backs of your hand
  • Mowing / Light yard maintenance
  • Taking non-thorny cutting material
  • Other general purpose work
  • As many uses as your imagination can dream

Machine washable

Although not designed to last forever, they will tolerate machine washing a few times. I have used these on a fishing trip and rinsed them each night for 2 weeks!

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