Ready to use in a handy spray bottle


Active Constituent 8.5g/L EMULSIFIABLE OILS.
This product is ORGANIC and Effective.


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Eco Oil Ready to use


For use on pests such as Two-Spotted Mite, Aphids, Whitefly, Greenhouse Butterfly, Black scale, Citrus Leafminer, and various sap-sucking pests in certain vegetable and ornamental plants in the home garden.

Eco-Oil RTU 750ml Ready to use is a botanical oil based miticide/insecticide that controls pests by contact. As such complete coverage of plants is important. For best results spray with Eco-Oil Ready to use at the first sign of pest infestation. Repeat application may be necessary.

Some plant species (like Maidenhair Ferns) are more sensitive than others so it recommended that a pretest be conducted on a small area of foliage before widespread use.

This product is ORGANIC.


Active Constituent 8.5g/L EMULSIFIABLE OILS.


LIABILITY: This product must only be used as directed on the label.