The Maxi Garden Pathway Board is the ideal long-lasting solution to cleaner garden paths.

The Maxi Garden Pathway Board has a load capacity of 600kg per square metre.

Comfortable walking or standing

Can be extended outwards in all directions
The MaXi Garden Pathway Board has a non-slip surface structure. It is very easy to lay and remove, as well as being convenient to stack away when not in use.


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Maxi Garden Pathway Board – strong, durable walkways

Packs of 8 board


German precision and Engineering, Simple and affordable!

Manufactured in Germany

The ideal walkway for the garden, the MaXi Garden Path has plenty of other uses as well. You will love walking on solid, clean ground while you are camping.

Suitable for use around plants.

MaXi Garden pathway board provides will give you a safe step thanks to the specially developed surface structure. It has a large area format for comfortable standing on the board.
Wheel your wheelbarrow along the path you have created with the confidence that comes with using a Garantia brand quality product.

With its unique Non-slip surface you can be sure of your steps as walkway in the garden, when camping or as a useful surface in other areas as well. Can be used lengthways and crossways, with easy swapping between different laying formats. See our useful laying video below.

The MaXi Garden pathway board is easy to remove and conveniently stacks on top of each other after use.

Maxi Garden Pathway Board - for more info go to

Maxi Garden Pathway Board


UV-resistant and Weather-resistant

Long lasting in all types of weather – made with UV reinforcing.

Recycled plastic

Made from 100% recyclable plastic (PP).

Board Measurements

Board length – 70cm, Board width – 24cm, Board height – 2.5cm.

A set of 4 MaXi Garden Pathway Boards has a total length of 2.8 metres, and an area of 0.7 square metres. The Maxi garden boards have the largest footprint per board on the current market (as at 2017).

Click here to view the Maxi Garden Pathway Board information video

Garden Pathway VIDEO - for more info go to

Garden Pathway VIDEO

Maxi Garden Pathway Board - for more info go to

Tips for laying your walkway