POWERFEED® 4 Litre Concentrate Plant Fertiliser (from the makers of Seasol®)

Super Concentrate - Makes up to 1,800 Litres - watch out for watered down containers!

From the makers of Seasol - The Seaweed Solution

100% Australian Owned
Powerfeed® is a high potency organically based fertiliser specifically formulated to provide a dynamic balance of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium & Trace elements as well as Amino Acids to boost health and growth in all plants including Australian Natives.


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Powerfeed® also contains highly active liquid compost that conditions the soil and improves nutrient uptake. It acts as a clay breaker and reduces nutrient loss in sandy soil.

Powerfeed® is a fast acting liquid which goes to work immediately and is effective whether applied directly to the soil or to the foliage.

100% Australian Owned

Benefits of also mixing in Seasol when using Powerfeed:

― Seasol® encourages the proliferation of new roots. ― improves tolerance to heat, drought and frost conditions and optimises balanced plant nutrition with a broad range of trace elements and minerals. ― Seasol® increases a plants natural resistance to insect and fungal attack. It contains virtually no nitrogen or phosphorous, so it will not interfere with other nutritional inputs.

― Seasol® can be used on all plants, all year round as a general plant tonic and for plant health, flowering and vigorous growth and can be applied as needed to provide increased resistance against frost and heat damage. ― Seasol® is a valuable supplement to apply before & immediately after transplanting, to reduce stress and accelerate recovery and growth.

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