Made from super tear resistant yarn, these comfortable working gloves are great!

Very Grippy

Very affordable Garden work gloves for Agriculture / Horticulture

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Blue Wet and Dry Grip, Excellent flexibility, Durable material means longer lasting, 100% seamless knitted polyester cotton liner.


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Wet dry Grip Durable Blue Agriculture Garden Glove


Blue Wet and Dry Grip

The Blue latex crinkle finish coating on our wet dry grip durable Blue Agriculture Garden Glove provides superior grip. This is in comparison to many other types of glove in both the wet and dry conditions.


Excellent flexibility

The Ergonomic design allows you the user to have excellent flexibility. While using these wet dry grip durable Blue Horticulture Garden Gloves you will notice the difference.


Durable material means longer lasting

Extremely durable glove that gives very good abrasion, cut and puncture resistance, whilst also providing excellent tear resistance.


100% Seamless knitted polyester cotton liner

The wet dry grip durable Blue Horticulture Garden Glove has a Grey 100% seamless knitted polyester cotton liner.


Industries known to use this glove

Agriculture Industry, Horticultural and Gardening.

Glass and Sheet Metal handling, Construction and Timber Industry.

Refuse Disposal and Recycling, plus many more.


AS/NZS Glove Standards

CE/EN388 rating; Protection against mechanical hazards.


RATING for Wet dry Grip Durable Blue Agriculture Garden Glove is



EN388 rating explained….

The rating consists of 4 numbers and applies to all types of gloves worn for protection. The 4 areas tested and rated are 1. Abrasion Resistance, 2. Blade Cut Resistance, 3. Tear Resistance & 4. Puncture Resistance. The rating is given by an independant office based on Lab testing results. They do not replace the actual testing of the product in the field – and in real conditions. The rating does however allow you to compare gloves against each other in these 4 areas.


The Wet dry Grip Durable Blue Agriculture Garden Glove is rated as follows;

1. Abrasion Resistance (0-4) – Level 2 which is an Good result,

2. Blade Cut Resistance (0-5) – Level 2 which is an Good result,

3. Tear Resistance (0-4) – Level 4 which is an Excellent result,

4. Puncture Resistance (0-4) – Level 2 which is an Good result.


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