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7 Reasons to use Tree Guards to protect young trees

I’m sure you know that in Australia, we have some of the most incredible trees, but sometimes they need our help to survive their early years. We invest a lot of time, money and effort to planting out greenlife into the environment, it makes sense to protect that investment!

Imagine being a young tree in Australia’s challenging climate. The scorching heat, strong winds, and heavy rainfall can be tough! But as if that’s not enough, Australia is home to animals like wallabies, kangaroos, rabbits, and even livestock that love munching on tree bark and leaves. Not good for the vulnerable young trees, right?

TREE GUARDS can act as a shield. They can benefit the plant is a few different ways.

  1. Keeping the nibbly animals from easily munching at the leaves and trunk.
  2. Where herbicides are being used it can shield the plant from these accidental spray drifts.
  3. They can also provide a bit of protection from extreme temperatures, gusty winds, and torrential rain.
  4. They can create a more stable microclimate inside the tree guard around the tree. This can be achieved by increasing the humidity, trapping a little extra carbon dioxide which can improve growth in many trees and plants.
  5. Polyethylene tree guards can also deter pests and insects that can harm the tree.
  6. Get some protection against UV Rays from the sun.
  7. People don’t accidentally trample the newly planted tree… or worse still, mow over the top!

It’s like having their personal fortress that helps the tree grow healthy and strong. Polyethylene Tree guards are the most widely used in Australia.

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Accelerating Growth and Encouraging Strength:

Here’s the cool part: polyethylene tree guards can boost the growth and strength of trees. How? By trapping heat and moisture, they create a mini-greenhouse effect. This cozy environment helps trees grow faster, even in colder regions. Additionally, the guards provide stability during windy days, reducing stress on the tree trunk. It’s like having a personal trainer for the tree, helping it reach new heights.

Now you hopefully have a better idea about the importance of protecting your young plants and trees.  The use of Tree Guards can protect trees from harsh weather, keep hungry herbivores at bay, fight against weeds and pests, and give trees a growth boost. Plus, they’re cost-effective, recyclable and reusable. You can also try using our various kinds of plant pots. We can ensure a greener and healthier future for our beautiful natural landscapes. Let’s get planting and protecting, and healthy gardens to you all!