Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

Last updated 19th September, 2018.


This Privacy Policy is an agreement between us (HT CONCEPTS Pty Ltd) and you (the user) regarding how we will handle the user’s personal data. It describes the type of data we collect, how we collect it, and if we share any of that personal information with other parties. By continuing to use this website or our services you are in agreement with our policies.

This Policy accepts that the general definition of “personal information” includes names, email addresses, street addresses, telephone numbers, and any other data that can be used to identify or contact a user.

  1. Your Name, Street/Postal Address and Telephone number once you have entered that information is stored on our files for the purpose of executing any current or future purchases that you make with us. We do not pass this information on to any other party (other than the freight company for the purpose of carrying out the delivery of your order). From time to time we may use Google Analytics which will use your location in conjunction with the products you purchased to gain an understanding of how we can target our marketing better (example – More ladies from NSW bought this particular product than any other geographical group of people). This is for our own in-house use only.
  2. Credit Card details fall under 2 categories; Phone or email orders where credit card details are given to us for payment – once your payment has been completed, these details are destroyed in a shredder – they are not kept on file. The other category is when you make a website ecommerce purchase whereby you have used your credit card to make this purchase – At present you are directed to a Paypal gateway where you have the choice of logging in to your Paypal account, or using your credit card to pay as a Paypal guest. In both of these situations, we do not see and have no way of acquiring these details from Paypal. As such that means we do not store you credit card details.

If you need or would like to make any changes to the information that you have given to us, you will need to make an account at the time of purchase. This allows you to log in using your password (which we do not have access to), and make those changes directly on our database.

Like many other website operators, we collect information that your web browser sends to us whenever you use our website. This information (data) may include your computer’s IP address, browser version and/or type and the pages that viewed within our site. It also logs the time that you spent on those pages and other similar type data. The purpose of us collecting this data is to help us to better improve our presentation which, in turn, is to give you a better experience on our website!