Last updated 1st December, 2023.

Please read this Dispute Resolution Policy carefully before using the ‘’ website to browse and/or make a purchase. 

Effective dispute resolution is not only about following a process but also about maintaining open communication and a commitment to fair and reasonable solutions. This policy aims to provide clear and effective procedures for resolving disputes that arise between Nursery and Garden Supplies and users of our website. This policy is applicable to all disputes related to the use of Nursery and Garden Supplies website, services, or products offered by us.

Steps for Resolving Disputes

Initial Contact:

Preferred Communication Method: Users are encouraged to initially contact us via one of the following methods;  Email, Contact us form or Phone with details of their concern.

Acknowledgement: We will aim to acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 2 working days.


Information Gathering: Our designated representative will investigate the dispute, which may involve gathering additional information or clarification from the user.

Timeframe: We aim to resolve disputes promptly, and users will be kept informed of the expected timeframes for resolution. These may vary or change depending on the nature of dispute.

Resolution Proposal:

Solution Offering: Based on the investigation, Nursery and Garden Supplies will propose a solution to the user.

User Feedback: Users are encouraged to provide feedback on the proposed resolution. If the user is dissatisfied, they may request a review or propose an alternative resolution.

Review and Final Decision:

Final Decision: The review will be conducted and the final decision will be communicated to the user, along with an explanation.


External Resolution: In cases where resolution is not reached internally, users may escalate the dispute to an external body (e.g., a consumer protection agency or relevant industry ombudsman).

Record Keeping

All communications and steps taken during the dispute resolution process will be documented by Nursery and Garden Supplies.

Policy Updates: This policy may be updated periodically. Users are encouraged to review it regularly to stay informed of their rights and responsibilities. Continued use of the website after such amendments constitutes acceptance of the new terms.


By using our Nursery and Garden Supplies website, users are agreeing to abide by the terms of this Shipping and Delivery Policy.