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Orchid Product Supplies

Orchids are remarkable for their stunning and diverse array of flowers, which employ ingenious pollination strategies, making them both nature’s works of art and scientific marvels.

Their unique beauty, elegance and ecological significance continue to enchant and inspire admirers and researchers worldwide.

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At Nursery Supplies, we’re all about providing top-notch products made just for Aussie conditions. Our range of nursery supplies is carefully sourced to make sure only the best materials go into making them. Plus, we make sure they can handle the Aussie sun by UV stabilising each product for long-lasting toughness. We’re big fans of supporting Aussie manufacturers, so we do our best to get our stuff locally. Choosing Nursery Supplies means not only getting quality but also giving a hand to local businesses and communities. We’ve got many nursery products to choose from, so whether you’re a pro landscaper, a green-thumbed enthusiast, or just moving house and want to take your plants along, we’ve got you sorted. Our wide selection means you’ll find everything you need to keep your plants happy and jazz up your outdoor spaces. Why leave your plants behind when you move? With Nursery Supplies, you can bring them along for the ride. Check out our range today and find the perfect gear for your gardening adventures!
  • Tree guards online are like bodyguards for young trees, keeping them safe from critters, pests, and harsh weather. They’re a lifesaver in areas where animals love to nibble on tree bark or where strong winds could knock them over.
  • Grow bags are the go-to choice for planting in small spaces, like balconies or cramped gardens. They’re flexible, so they fit just about anywhere, and they’re great for growing all sorts of plants, from herbs to veggies.
  • Plant pots come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for planting anything you fancy, whether it’s flowers, veggies, or even small trees. They give your plants a stable home while letting excess water drain away.
  • Clear pots are like windows into your plant’s world. They’re see-through, so you can watch your plant’s roots grow and keep an eye on their health. Perfect for curious gardeners who want to peek beneath the soil, shop for a clear pot today.
  • Plant trays are handy for keeping your pots organized and tidy. They’re shallow trays that hold multiple pots or seedlings, making a plant tray must-have for any serious gardener or nursery.
  • Banana bags are like little jackets for your bananas, protecting them from bugs, birds, and bad weather. A banana bag is a lifesaver if you’re trying to keep your bananas fresh and tasty for longer.
  • Woven bags are tough cookies made from woven materials like jute or polypropylene. They’re perfect for hauling around soil, mulch, or compost in bulk.
  • Sprout seeds are the little guys you plant to grow tasty sprouts for salads, sandwiches, or snacks. They’re packed with nutrients and are super easy to grow, even for newbie gardeners.
  • Planter bags are like the cool kids of the gardening world. They’re flexible and portable, so you can move your plants around whenever you fancy with a planter bag from Nursery and Garden Supplies Australia. Perfect for growing plants on your patio or balcony.
  • Plant labels are the nametags for your plants, helping you keep track of who’s who in your garden. They’re a handy way to remember what you’ve planted and where. At Nursery Supplies, we have plenty of plant labels to go around.
  • Propagation supplies are like magic potions for growing new plants from cuttings or seeds. They include all the bits and bobs you need to get your new plant babies off to a flying start. Buy propagation supplies online with us today.
  • Orchid pots are specially designed homes for your orchids. They’re all about giving your orchids the perfect balance of air and water, so they stay happy and healthy.
  • Hanging baskets are like floating gardens, adding a splash of greenery to any space. A hanging basket is perfect for growing flowers or trailing vines and is a great way to brighten up your home or garden.
  • We sell Banana covers and they’re like little raincoats for your bananas, keeping them safe from bugs and bruises. They’re a handy way to protect your bananas and keep them looking fresh and tasty.