Based in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast

Our Goal

Our goal is to consistently provide customers with exceptional service, ensuring a seamless experience giving fast delivery and premium-quality products.

Shipping Across The Globe

In addition to supplying Australia-wide every day, our team also supplies orders all around the world every day to countries like New Zealand, USA, PNG, and many South Pacific Islands.

EST. 2007

Our History

Nursery and Garden Supplies originated in 2007 as a family endeavour aimed at imparting practical business knowledge to our children.

The inception of Nursery and Garden Supplies actually stemmed from a home school project that expanded year after year quite organically. Matt, the current owner, transitioned to full-time involvement in 2016 as the enterprise outgrew its hobbyist origins. Today, it stands proudly as one of the nation's leading suppliers in the Nursery and Gardening sector.

Initially starting out in a garage, the business kept expanding. Recognising the need for further growth, in early 2019, a pivotal move was made to a warehouse situated in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast — a stunning locale that resonates with the beauty of our gardening pursuits.

EST. 2007

Nurture and Empower

Matt and his family have witnessed the remarkable exponential growth of the business, a testament to their unwavering dedication and perseverance.

Their journey has led to countless interactions with delighted hobbyists, landscapers, and nurseries alike, each encounter fuelled by the shared ambition to nurture and empower every gardener's growth.

In 2021, Grace joined the team, contributing significantly in helping to steer the business during the sudden surge in online purchasing that occurred through the COVID-19 situation. Her commitment has fostered meaningful relationships with customers, who have found Grace exceptionally helpful and a genuine pleasure to engage with.

Our Director

Matt Williamson

Matt's extensive career spans over 35 years within the Nursery and Garden Supplies industry.

His love for horticulture continued in 1990 when he joined the team at Garden City Plastics, Australia's leading Plastic Pot manufacturer. Starting at the grassroots level, he initially handled warehousing and nursery deliveries, progressing through the years to the role of Queensland Sale Manager.

Throughout his 28 year tenure, Matt played an instrumental role in Garden City Plastics' evolution from a small family enterprise into the expansive, top-tier, family-owned entity it has become today. His integral contributions fostered the company's growth and maintained its commitment to delivering high-quality products and services.

Since the establishment of Nursery and Garden Supplies, the company maintains strong affiliations with like-minded entities such as Garden City Plastics as well as other great Australian companies, cultivating collaborative relationships. We have also developed our own range of products adding to the vast range we already offer. These alliances ensure customers receive unparalleled support and guidance to fuel their gardening endeavours, a testament to the enduring dedication to customer satisfaction and industry excellence.