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Why would I grow plants in Clear Pots?

Clear pots have grown in popularity over recent years, as they offer a variety of benefits to plants and their owners, so let’s have a look at how appropriate they might be for you. There are probably 2 main advantages of using clear pots, one is the ability to monitor root development. Traditional black or coloured plant pots make it difficult to see what’s going on beneath the soil, but clear pots allow you to observe root growth and spot potential issues early if there are any.

Obviously roots are critical to a plant’s overall health because they anchor the plant in place and absorb essential nutrients and water. Clear pots make it easier to monitor root growth. Repotting is less of a guess when you know exactly how full the pot is with roots. If you are propagating cuttings, they can be great as you will see when the roots start to appear.

A fun benefit of using clear pots is your visual enjoyment! Seeing the roots in the soil can be aesthetically pleasing and may add a unique touch to your decor. They also allow you to appreciate the beauty of the plant from a different perspective, highlighting its full growth and development. Much of the satisfaction in growing and having a plant is in actually seeing it grow over time. CLICK HERE to view CLEAR POTS

If you’re asking whether clear pots are great for all plants, the answer is not necessarily. Clear pots can provide some benefit to a wide range of plants, but some plants may benefit more than others. Until recent years growers have used clear pots mainly for Phalaenopsis and other orchids, however the popularity of clear pots has grown and grown. In addition to orchids, growers now use them for many different plants – Hoya Plants for example.

Plants that need to be monitored for proper root development are often being grown in clear pots – some plants may be prone to root rot if overwatered. Many plants need the potting substrate to dry out between watering.

On the other hand, plants that require consistent moisture, such as ferns and some tropical plants, can also benefit from clear pots as they allow you to easily monitor soil moisture levels.

Having said that, you can often encourage water roots from many different plants that are grown straight down into water, and these ‘water roots’ do behave a bit differently to the normal soil-grown roots. This is a discussion for another day!

So to put it simply, while using clear pots can offer several advantages to plant owners, it is important to consider your plant’s specific needs before making that decision. Healthy gardens to you all!

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Some plants have roots that prefer low light conditions and may be negatively impacted by too much light exposure. Bird’s Nest Ferns, Calatheas, Chinese evergreens, Maidenhair Ferns and even Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily) can struggle with light exposure on their roots. With these plants, too much light around the roots can lead to root damage and plant stress. In these cases, conventional black pots will suit better.