Clip your plant / flower stems to a thin bamboo stake

Easy squeeze Spring loaded design


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These attractive and practical little clips can make your flower stems look so much better!


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14mm Butterfly Clip for flower stems


Clips to Bamboo Flower Stick

To be used with a Bamboo stake – most commonly a thin bamboo stick like the one below.

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40cm Bamboo Sticks - for more info go to

40cm Bamboo Sticks

When to Stake Flower Spikes

It is said that the best time to stake the Flower spike is when they reach approximately 20 cm high. That gives the the opportunity for the stem to grow and strengthen before staking.


Don’t break the stem

Try to insert the stake at the same angle as the flower stem rather that forcing the stem straight as the flower stems can break when bent too far.


Can use multiple clips

You can have freedom to use more than one clip per stem if needed to keep the stem straight and upright. As the flowers grow, the stem becomes heavier at the top.  You can add more clips to help keep the shape by moving the 14mm Butterfly Clip easily as the flower stem continues to grow.


Doesn’t damage Flower Stem

If you are applying the clip properly, there shouldn’t be any damage to the flower spike.


Good Quality Plastic

The 14mm Butterfly Clip is quite durable and can be re-used many times.


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