Made from super cut resistant yarn, these comfortable working gloves are great!

Nitrile coated palms

Very tough...

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Excellent abrasion, Cut and tear resistance, Black Nitrile Coated Palms, Cool Star Yarn, Super Cut Resistant Yarn, Colour - High Visibility Green/Yellow.


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General purpose HiVis Cut resistant Premium Garden Glove

Excellent abrasion, Cut and tear resistance

These gloves provide you with excellent resistance to tearing and abrasion.


Black Nitrile Coated Palms

Black Nitrile Coated Palms allow you to grip in wet conditions while maintaining great flexibility and durability.


Cool Star Yarn

Cool Star Yarn gives you excellent  sweat absorbsion and breathability.


Super Cut Resistant Yarn

The General purpose HiVis Cut 5 Premium Garden Glove has an excellent cut resistance rating awarded by the CE/EN388 system.


Colour – High Visibility Green/Yellow

Hi-Vis Yellow – 13 Gauge Kenima® Yarn


What can I use them for?

The General purpose HiVis Cut 5 Premium Garden Glove is fantastic protection in the garden, in Agriculture and in nursery horticulture use. It offers you high protection as a general workers glove (see below for specific protection ratings). It is also applicable in most other basic protection level industries.


What size do I need?

Great question! Here’s a couple of pointers to help you choose… The average male hand is probably a Large size glove, and the average female hand is probably a Medium size glove with this stretchy material. If you have ‘chunky’ shaped fingers or hand in general, you will be looking for a bigger than average size. Same goes if your fingers are longer than average! As a male, I have hands that fit a large size nicely – my middle finger is 90mm long, and my hand is 90mm wide at the knuckles lying flat on the table. Sizing is a relative thing to describe and this guide should not be classed as a definitive recommendation!


AS/NZS Glove Standards

CE/EN388 rating; Protection against mechanical hazards.


RATING for this General purpose HiVis Cut 5 Premium Garden Glove is



CE/EN388 rating explained….

The rating consists of 4 numbers and applies to all types of gloves worn for protection. The 4 areas tested and rated are 1. Abrasion Resistance, 2. Blade Cut Resistance, 3. Tear Resistance & 4. Puncture Resistance. The rating is given by an independant office based on Lab testing results. They do not replace the actual testing of the product in the field – and in real conditions. The rating does however allow you to compare gloves against each other in these 4 areas.


The G-Force HiVis Cut 5 Maxisafe Garden Glove is rated as follows;

1. Abrasion Resistance (0-4) – Level 4; which is an Excellent result,

2. Blade Cut Resistance (0-5) – Level 5 ;which is an Excellent result,

3. Tear Resistance (0-4) – Level 4; which is an Excellent result,

4. Puncture Resistance (0-4) -Level 4; which is an Excellent result.


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