Pot Clip - for hanging plant pots on a wall - especially ideal for Orchids

One size fits small to medium pots (up to 150mm)

97mm tall

Australian Made
Strong, sturdy plastic Pot Clips are ideal for hanging your Orchids on wire or lattice etc.


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Plant Pot clip


Fits most style of pots

These pot clips will fit most pots – as long as the pots have a lip for the clip to grab on to.

Note* This clip is not suitable to hang the 120mm and 150mm clear Pots. Those pots have a lip that will not grab the clip.


Hangs Pot – Size range up to 150mm

Depending on the weight of your mix, these will hang pot up to 150mm in size. Check that the pot has a lip for the clip to hang onto.

The Gap between the Hanging Hook is 11mm.


Widely used in Australia

These clips are used by wholesale and retail plant nurseries all over Australia – we see them becoming very popular all around the world. Why not be ahead of the game and try them out for yourself.

Nursery and Garden Supplies offer quick dispatch on these Pot clip hanging orchid plant clips and we deliver reliable service. BUY TODAY!


Professional presentation of plants

Using these Pot clips will make your home gardens ‘POP’ – if you are a professional grower then you will appreciate the savings in room and efficiency of space organisation.


Robust design

The design of these Pot clip hanging orchid plant clips is solid and robust meaning you can have peace on mind hanging your precious plants up safely.


Manufactured in Australia

We love supporting Australian businesses. That’s why when we found this item manufactured in Australia we jumped at the opportunity to support them. Quality products manufactured here compared to in Asia are almost always higher and last longer because they understand our weather and sun conditions. They will have the right amount of UV protection added.


*Note: If there are plants pictured in the listing, be advised that the pictures are to illustrate the use of the POT CLIP. No plants, pots or backing are included in this sale.


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