Grow your own organic sprouts from home!

High quality glass jar with specially designed cap to aid in drainage

Easy & Quick - no soil, fertiliser, or green thumb required!

LIMITED TIME OFFER - Purchase a Super Sprouter & receive a packet of Alfalfa Seeds for FREE!
The Super Sprouter Germinator is a super easy way to grow your own sprouts from home. The high quality glass jar and specially designed cap produces reliable results & is the best option for a continuous supply of fresh, healthy sprouts! Check out our wide range of organic sprouting seeds that can all be grown in just a few days with the Super Sprouter Germinator.


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Super Sprouter Germinator

For a limited time, every Super Sprouter purchase comes with a FREE packet of Alfalfa sprouting seeds!

Each pack contains:

1 (one) sprouting jar

1 (one) specially designed cap

Instructions booklet

Why the Super Sprouter Germinator?

The most reliable sprouting results are found using the Super Sprouter Germinator. It is especially designed to allow water to drain easily, allowing healthy sprouts to grow. The cap also has an inbuilt jar stand (as can be seen in pictures). The jar is made of high quality, environmentally friendly glass, and the cap is made from polypropylene and is FREE FROM cadmium, formaldehyde and bisphenol A.


  • Australian Made & Manufactured
  • BPA friendly & dishwasher safe
  • Includes booklet with detailed instructions on sprouting your own seeds
  • Can be used over and over again!
  • No soil necessary – grow your own sprouts with our organic seeds, water, and warmth. The Super Sprouter Germinator does all the work for you!
  • Have a steady flow of fresh, organic sprouts available on your kitchen bench for a fraction of the price of supermarket sprouts.


Why grow your own sprouts?

Seeds are unable to make energy through photosynthesis and they don’t have roots to suck up nutrients, so all the energy they need for their first few days of life is store up. When they sprout they release all of this energy and nutrients into the sprouts – this makes them rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

By growing your own sprouts you maximise on these health benefits by consuming them when they are at their best & most nutrient dense! No sitting around on supermarket shelves or being transported in trucks.

Growing your own spouts also means that you can have a steady supply of different sprouts at your fingertips at all times. Sprouts only take a few days to germinate, so you can be eating alfalfa one week and broccoli sprouts the next! The Super Sprouter Germinator makes the process simple and easy; it is compact and looks great sitting out on the bench. No need to mess around with soil or trays/punnets that take up room!

You can eat sprouts straight from the jar, use them in cooking, or add to any dish as a garnish.

Organic Sprouting Seeds

Check out our wide range of organic sprouting seeds, perfect to be used in the Super Sprouter Germinator! Each 100g packet contains jars & jars worth of seeds.

Sprouting your own sprouts is easy – no green thumb required!


Super Sprouter Germinator Instructions 

Your germinator will come with an instruction booklet with simple, step by step instructions on how to grow your sprouts and get the best results. Each sprouting seed will have slightly different germinating timeframes and rinsing requirements, so make sure you read the back of your seed packet for this information! As the germinator is made of glass, it will heat up without needing to be in direct sunlight, so give your germinator a shady home.

  1. Prepare your germinator by rinsing out with cold water.
  2. Place your chosen seeds in the  germinator and fill with fresh, cold water to rinse the seeds. Secure the cap on to the jar and drain the water out immediately.
  3. Once your seeds are rinsed, pour enough cold water into the Super Sprouter Germinator to cover the seeds. Move the seeds around to make sure they are all covered & have your germinator facing upright. Soak the seeds for the time specified on the back of the seed packet.
  4. After soaking the seeds for their required time, rinse the seeds according to the directions on the seed packet. Make sure that you place your Super Sprouter Germinator with the cap pointing downwards at an angle to let any remaining water drain out after rinsing. This is when your seeds begin to sprout!
  5. Watch your seeds grow & enjoy fresh, healthy sprouts just days later! Rinse and clean thoroughly after use (the germinator is dishwasher safe!)

Check out this video of the Super Sprouter Germinator in action!

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