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How do I get the best fruit from my Banana trees?

So you would like to get the best banana fruit bunch from your backyard trees? Well, here’s a tip that may help you grow a more delicious and nutritious fruit. This article looks at the benefits of bagging the banana fruit bunches and protecting your banana bunch.

Using banana covers is shown to aid with ripening and improve the quality of the fruit as well as increasing the bunch yield. In some instances more than 20% to 30%. Tree ripening can help give the fruit a more beautiful sweet taste and is made easier if you take a few bananas at a time while the others ripen. Commercial growers, on the other hand, usually harvest the fruit while the lowest ones are still green and rounded. 

The silver side of the cover reflects heat, so make sure to face it towards the sun – this helps protect the bunch from burns since it blocks harmful UV rays. CLICK HERE to view Banana Bunch Covers

Banana Fruit Bunch Cover

Another advantage of using banana bunch covers is that they can protect the fruit from wind damage caused by leaves, from many insects, bats and birds as the fruit matures. The ripening gas released by the bunch is trapped inside the cover, which helps keep your bunches a secret to the bats and birds!

Bagging Techniques

When it comes to bagging bananas, there are two main techniques. Once the fruit bunch is forming and the bananas are beginning to turn upwards, it’s time to put a bag on. Alternatively, if Fruit Bats or birds are already a known problem to you, the banana bag can be fitted much earlier, not long after the bell forms. Tie the cover to the stalk of the fruit bunch, above the first hand of fruit. The cover should hang below the last hand of fruit and be open at the bottom for better air-flow.

Why do they Ripen Better?

It’s the gas released by ripening fruit that speeds up the ripening of the remaining fruit and gives the bunch a richer, sweeter flavour. Ripe fruit left on the tree un-bagged is the main reason that fruit bats and other pests are attracted, which can cause major damage to the bunch.

Banana Bunch Covers can protect the skin of the fruit against wind damage, leaf, insect and some bird damage as the fruit matures.  As the ripening gas released by the bunch is trapped inside, the bats and birds etc. are not attracted to the bunch in the same way as an uncovered bunch.

These bunch covers pictured are manufactured in Australia and are available here if you would like to protect and improve your fruit!

So using banana fruit bunch covers and proper bagging techniques can improve the quality and yield of your homegrown bananas so you can enjoy delicious, healthy bananas right from your own backyard. Healthy gardens to you all!

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