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GERMS… YUCK! Keep your secateurs clean

Taking care of your plants can be super rewarding, but did you know that cleaning your tools can help avoid germs and keeping your tools sharp help to create a happy and healthy garden. When you’re pruning or cutting plants with your secateurs, they can get all messy with plant sap, dirt, and gunk. Gross, right? Well, all that stuff can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. If you don’t clean your secateurs and other nursery supplies, those germs can spread from one plant to another.

Here’s a very helpful hint… Every time you wash your bladed tools, make sure you dry them off with a rag. Don’t leave them to drip dry or you may introduce surface rust.

Dull and blunt blades can cause messy cuts that take longer to heal, leaving plants vulnerable to infections. That’s not good! By sharpening your secateurs regularly, you’ll make clean and precise cuts. That means your plants will heal faster and stay healthy. You can use a sharpening stone or a special tool to sharpen the blades.

Using dirty secateurs to cut can be sabotaging your efforts to create healthier plants. Here are a few reasons why keeping your secateurs clean and sharp is important:

  1. Disease Prevention: Dirty secateurs can carry pathogens, bacteria, and fungi that can spread to healthy plants through pruning cuts. This can lead to the introduction and spread of diseases, potentially causing damage to your plants and the overall garden.
  2. Plant Health: When you prune plants with dirty secateurs, the debris and sap left on the blades can contaminate the next plant you prune. This can hinder the healing process of the plants, making them more susceptible to infections and weakening their overall health.
  3. Clean Cuts: Clean and sharp secateurs provide precise cuts, promoting proper healing and reducing the risk of damage or stress to the plants. Dirty blades can create jagged or uneven cuts, which can harm the plants and leave them vulnerable to diseases and pests.
  4. Tool Performance: Accumulated dirt, sap, and debris on the secateurs can hinder the tool’s functionality. This can make it harder to make clean cuts and may even cause the tool to stick or become less efficient over time. Cleaning your secateurs regularly helps maintain their performance and extends their lifespan
Rusty Secateurs

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Don’t worry, cleaning your secateurs isn’t complicated or time-consuming. Here’s how to keep your secateurs clean and sharp:

  • After each use, simply grab a clean damp cloth or paper towel and wipe off any debris or sap from the blades.
  • Sterilise the blades by wiping them with a disinfectant solution or rubbing alcohol to kill any potential pathogens. Be sure to clean all the little corners and edges. Then, rinse the blades with water and dry them well to prevent rust. Easy peasy, right? Regular cleaning removes bacteria, sap, and debris, so your secateurs stay in tip-top shape.
  • Regularly sharpen the blades to maintain cutting efficiency.
  • Store the secateurs in a clean, dry place to prevent rust and further contamination.

By keeping your secateurs clean and sharp, you’ll help ensure better health of your plants, maintain the tool’s performance, and your plants will thank you with beautiful blooms and delicious veggies! Healthy gardens to you all!