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Should I help my Pothos to climb or let it hang?

Pothos plants (Epipremnum aureum) are a very popular and versatile plant and can adapt to various growing conditions. Whether your Pothos should climb or hang or in grow bags depends on your personal preference and the available space in your home. However many Pothos Plants may grow bigger and happier looking leaves when Reaching up towards light. Here are some considerations for both options:

  1. Climbing: Pothos plants are natural climbers and can develop long vines with aerial roots. If you choose to let your Pothos climb, you will need to provide it with a support structure such as a trellis, Coir pole, or wall-mounted hooks. This allows the plant to grow upwards, creating an attractive vertical display. Climbing Pothos can be an excellent choice if you have limited floor space but ample vertical space available. (Click here to see COIR POLES)
  2. Hanging: Alternatively, you can allow your Pothos to trail and hang from a hanging basket or a high shelf. Pothos plants have cascading vines that can grow quite long, creating an elegant and lush display. Hanging Pothos is a good option if you have limited wall space or want to add greenery to higher areas of a room. Hanging Pothos can also be a great choice if you want to showcase the plant’s trailing nature. (Click here to see HANGING BASKETS)

Ultimately, the choice between climbing or hanging your Pothos is a matter of personal preference and the available space. You can even combine both methods if you have a particularly large Pothos plant or want to experiment with different arrangements. Remember to consider the plant’s growth habit, lighting needs, and accessibility for watering and maintenance when deciding.


The size of Pothos leaves is mostly determined by genetics and environmental factors. The growth of Pothos leaves is influenced by factors such as light, water, temperature, and overall plant health. It is also influenced by the maturity of the plant, the age of the leaves, and the overall health and care it receives. As the plant matures, the leaves generally grow larger regardless of whether it is climbing or hanging.

However, it is definitely worth noting that when Pothos plants are allowed to climb, they may develop larger leaves on the vines that are exposed to more light. This is because the plant can spread its foliage to capture more sunlight. In contrast, hanging Pothos may have more compact growth and smaller leaves as they adapt to trailing and cascading.

To encourage larger leaf growth, the main thing to ensure is that you provide your Pothos with appropriate care, including sufficient light (bright, indirect light is ideal), regular watering, and a well-balanced fertiliser. These factors contribute to overall plant health and can promote the development of larger leaves. Good gardens to you all!

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