90mm Clear Phalaenopsis Pot

Especially ideal for Phalaenopsis Orchid

Outside top Diam-89mm, Inside top Diam-82mm, Pot Height-85mm (base of pot is 67mm across)

volume - 360ml
The high transparency ensures rapid growth and healthy plants. The high feet feature of the special bottom design makes this container well suited for the usage on mesh wire benches.


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90mm Clear Orchid Pot


Manufactured in Germany, Teku has found that there is reduced cultivation time because the multi-hole star bottom which ensures rapid growth and healthy plants with ideal watering and drainage.

Optimal root growth – A high transparency allows optimal root growth for any plant that require light in the root zone, especially with phalaenopsis Orchids. You can gain an advantage by seeing the root development without disturbing the plants root system.

Design and measurements;

Our 90mm Clear Orchid Pot has the following measurements;

Across the Top – Outside to outside – 89mm, Inside to inside – 82mm.

Height – 85mm.

Bottom measurement across the base – 67mm.

Drainage Holes

Our Pots contain drainage holes. Each 90mm Clear Orchid Pot has 8 holes – 4 of these are raised on the inside as pictured in the very bottom, providing you with adequate drainage in a normal situation.

90mm Clear Phalaenopsis Pot - for more info go to nurseryandgardensupplies.com.au

90mm Clear Phalaenopsis Pot


**The lip on this particular pot is not shaped so that a pot clip can be used. If you want to hang these up using a Pot Clip, we suggest using a different pot.

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